Ayushman Bharat

Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana

Check your eligibility using Aadhaar Number, Smart Ration Card Number, PAN Number, Construction Worker ID Number

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Note: Name wise search is from SECC and Ration Card data only


  • If you are Smart ration card holder and your smart ration card no is like 'FAZ1234567' then replace FAZ with 03000 and search with '030001234567', if it is like MNS9809898 then replace MNS with 03000 and search with 030009809898
  • If your ration card is old, contact your local depot holder for new smart ration card no
  • Beneficiary database is of head-of-family and search is from head-of-family only. If result found then other family members (as per family definition mentioned in FAQs) also eligible for this scheme